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Forget the research, focus on the decision

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Hey there, we’re thrilled you stopped by!

Our goal is to craft content that fuels your personal and professional growth. We’re all about helping you discover top-notch online resources to level up your skills and expand your knowledge.

If you’re considering switching careers or just eager to pick up some new skills, you’re in the right place! Among others, at Upskillwise you’ll find:

The Faces Behind Upskillwise

Catherine Cooke

Upskillwise Advisor

I'm Catherine, originally from London, now living in Spain. My professional journey led me from being a certified teacher to a yoga instructor and then a freelancer designer. These changes were made possible by online learning platforms like Skillshare and Coursera. It wasn't always easy, but so worth it and inspired me to start Upskillwise.

Photo of Catherine Cooke

Josep Garcia

Upskillwise Advisor

I'm Josep Garcia, originally from Barcelona. In 2016, I launched my own website, which required me to learn coding from scratch. Online learning platforms were a huge help. Nowadays, I specialize in personal finance content creation as an EFPA-certified financial advisor.

Photo of Josep Garcia
About Research Focus

Keep the Focus, We Do the Research

We’ve invested hundreds of hours creating content to help you develop your professional, financial and personal skills.

On top of that, we’ve created videos on our content to give you a well-rounded overview.

What Makes Us Different?

Honest Reviews

You’ve likely come across various websites offering reviews on educational platforms and even university degrees. But let’s face it, knowing who to trust can be a maze. That’s where we come in. At Upskillwise, we provide honest, first-hand reviews because we’ve used these tools ourselves to either sharpen our skills or pivot our careers entirely.

Got questions? Feel free to drop us a line in the comment section of our guides and reviews. We’re here to guide you!

And just so you’re aware, if we wouldn’t recommend it to a close friend, you won’t see it recommended here.

Expertise and certifications

We are experts on the topics we write about, and do extensive research for all the content we publish:


Catherine Cooke Teacher Certificate

Catherine Cooke

Catherine Cooke brings years of secondary school teaching experience to the table, and with a Master’s Degree in Teaching from UEL, she’s a genuine education expert. Additionally, as a certified yoga instructor with an RYT 200 from Yoga Alliance, she’s also well-versed in wellness and meditation.

Josep EFPA Certificate Financial Advisor at Upskillwise

Josep Garcia

Josep Garcia has spent several years writing about financial products and holds certification as a financial advisor from the European Financial Planning Association—EFPA European Investment Practitioner (Certification #37363).

Transparency & Methodology

At Upskillwise, transparency is the cornerstone of our approach. We want you to have complete confidence in our reviews, so we’ve laid down a methodical process that we follow rigorously for every product or service we evaluate.

First, we gauge what interests you, our reader, and proceed to test the products in real-world scenarios. Our deep-dive research includes reading the fine print, checking for hidden clauses, and even subscribing to plans to experience the learning journey. All of this culminates in thorough internal discussions before we make any recommendations, ensuring that what you read is something we’d confidently recommend to our closest friends.

But it doesn’t stop there; we also tailor our reviews based on what the product or service warrants. Customer support, ease of use, and certificate value are some of the critical aspects we scrutinize. Our multi-faceted reviews are brought to life by our extensive experience in the fields of online learning and financial products. From detailed, constantly updated reviews and insightful guides to interactive videos and user-friendly tools, we offer a plethora of content designed to help you make informed decisions.

Your voice matters to us, too—that’s why we invite you to share your comments and feedback. And rest assured, our commitment to honesty and integrity means you can trust what you read on Upskillwise.


About How are we funded

How we get funded?

Creating all the awesome content that you see at Upskillwise is our passion, but equally, it also takes a lot of time and resources.

To fund the project, we receive a compensation from some of the brands we talk about, that does not mean you will be charged extra. In fact, quite the opposite, you are likely to get a cheaper deal – more about how we make money. I hope you find all the information on Upskillwise useful, and thanks for taking the time to stop by.

Warm regards,

Catherine & Josep