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The Faces Behind Upskillwise

Catherine profile photoI am Catherine Cooke and I am originally from London. Several years ago, I decided to travel to Spain, where I met Josep. I figured out that being a design teacher wasn’t my thing, so I jumped on a career change and started teaching Yoga. Later on, I became a graphic freelance designer too. In the beginning, it wasn’t easy and had some challenging moments. Although I wouldn’t change anything for where I am now.


Josep GarciaI am Josep Garcia, I live and work in Barcelona. I have a fulfilling 9 to 5 job as a digital marketer, but I also have several side gigs I enjoy working on. When I decided to launch my own website (in 2016) I took on the challenge of learning how to program, as I wanted my site coded from scratch. I have to say that finding online educational resources (I used Lynda at the time) was a blessing.

What makes us different?

You have probably seen several websites that have reviews for the different educational platforms or even university degrees. The thing is that it’s difficult to know who you should trust. For sure you can trust us, we have honest reviews and have used these tools ourselves to either improve our skills or completely change what we do.

You can also reach out to us and we’ll try to guide you, just leave us a message using the commenting section of our guides and reviews.

Just so you know, we would not recommend something that we’d not recommend to a good friend.

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Creating all the awesome content that you see at Upskillwise is our passion, but equally, it also takes a lot of time and resources. To fund the project we use affiliate links and we may receive a commission if you make a purchase through them, however, you will not be charged extra – in fact, we may be able to get you a cheaper deal.

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