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E-Learning Platforms Last update: Jun 05, 2024

Skillshare Review: Is It Best For You?

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Photo of Catherine Cooke

Written by

Catherine Cooke

Catherine Cooke

Upskillwise Advisor

I'm Catherine, originally from London, now living in Spain. My professional journey led me from being a certified teacher to a yoga instructor and then a freelancer designer. These changes were made possible by online learning platforms like Skillshare and Coursera. It wasn't always easy, but so worth it and inspired me to start Upskillwise.

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As a freelance graphic design, I’m constantly looking for courses to keep my skills up to date. Years ago, I came across Skillshare, a platform that offers dozens of categories and subcategories on any creative topic you can imagine.

Catherine Cooke author of the post and education and freelance expert

To guarantee that this Skillshare review is informative and beneficial, I’ve invested time in extensive research on Skillshare’s classes, instructors, pricing model, refund policy, and have analyzed feedback from its users. Furthermore, my Master’s degree in Teaching and Education, combined with years of experience utilizing online learning platforms, has equipped me to create this comprehensive assessment.

Catherine CookeUpskillwise Advisor

If you have time to read on, I explain all about my experience in this comprehensive and honest Skillshare review, without further ado, let’s get stuck in.

Skillshare Video Review

Skillshare User Reviews

7 reviews

  • Megan

    19 May 2024, 04:31


    Skillshare has a lot of creative classes, and I’ve picked up some new hobbies. However, the quality varies, and some courses lack depth. It's good for casual learning, but not always comprehensive.

  • Laura

    6 May 2024, 03:33


    I can't recommend Skillshare enough! It's perfect for anyone looking to boost their skills or start a new hobby. The instructors are knowledgeable, and the content is always fresh and exciting. Plus, the annual subscription is an absolute steal.

  • Joanne

    6 May 2024, 03:32


    Skillshare has completely transformed my approach to learning! The classes are engaging and cover such a wide range of topics. I started with photography and ended up diving into web design. It's affordable, and a great platform to learn on.

  • Mark

    2 May 2024, 11:22


    Some classes are incredibly inspiring and well-produced, while others lack depth and seem hastily put together. It's affordable, which is great, but you really have to sift through to find quality content.

  • Rachel

    2 May 2024, 11:21


    I was looking for some courses on Adobe to help with my photoshop and illustrator skills and was so happy to find Skillshare, the handful of courses I've taken have been perfect. It helped me a lot to advance in my graphic design career. I highly recommend Skillshare!

  • Chelsea

    2 May 2024, 11:19


    Skillshare is quite easy to navigate and I love the community aspect where you can interact with other learners. However, the quality of instruction varies, so its important you find the right instructor before commiting to the class. It's good for beginners and picking up new hobbies.

  • teri

    27 February 2024, 02:19


    Make sure you delete your financial information from your account. We were charged for a renewal on 6 accounts when we didn't want to renew. We did not receive notices that we were going to be charged for a renewal or that the expiry date was coming. It only came to our attention when the 6 charges were made to our credit card. I contacted them within 5 business days of the charge, when it came to our attention. They said they senit notifications; however, no one received any to the emails we had on our files. Upon reviewing our emails and to look for the notices they claimed to send, we found them in our junk mail. One of our employees no longer works for our company and they would have received a bounce back on the email notifying them of such. A company with good customer service would follow up on this. I have asked for a refund and they have denied it. This is 5 business days into the renewal - this is 1% of the year's subscription. This isn't a review of the creators on the website. There is some really great things on the site, but the overall company needs to improve their customer service skills and their renewal practices. I'm sure they screw a lot of people over when the renewal emails go directly to junk mail.

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Skillshare Summary

Skillshare is a creative online platform offering over 34,000+ classes in fields like animation, illustration, music, and photography. With subscription plans tailored to every learner—$29 monthly or an annual $99 option (just $8.25 per month)—Skillshare makes education accessible and affordable. New users can kick-start their creative journey with a free trial, risk-free for the first month. Ideal for creatives, entrepreneurs, and anyone keen to expand their skillset, Skillshare fosters a vibrant community where members can interact, collaborate, and showcase their work. For businesses and teams, the Skillshare Team plan offers customized solutions at $159 per user per year, ensuring your group thrives no matter its size. Remember, entering card details is necessary to activate the free trial, opening a gateway to a world of learning and creation at Skillshare.

Skillshare Pros & Cons



Even though you have to commit to Skillshare’s plan for a year, when you work it out monthly at ($13.99) its affordable compared to other online learning platforms.

Free Trial

Skillshare offers a free trial on its Premium membership, so you can enjoy the full learning experience before financially committing.

Engaged Community

Skillshare has a highly engaged community, this can make its classes interactive and fun.

Big pool of classes

Skillshare offers thousands of classes, on topics that include illustration, design, photography, video, freelancing and much more. I think it will be hard for you to get bored with the selection.


Skillshare’s courses focus on developing practical skills using hands-on projects, which is a really engaging way to learn.

Learning Paths

If you are looking to deepen your skillset with a set of curated classes for beginners to advanced learners.

Creative Experts

Skillshare has 11K teachers and some of its classes are taught by industry leaders Youtuber Marques Brownlee and Photographer Amelie Satzger.


Non Accredited Certificates

You will receive a completion certificate when you successfully complete a class, but be mindful these aren’t accredited by an external University or Organization.

Quality Control

Since anyone can create their own course at Skillshare the available courses’ quality can vary from course to course.

Only Available In English

Although Skillshare welcomes courses in any language, in reality, there isn’t much on offer in languages other than English.

Annual Fee

The Skillshare Premium Membership only allows you to pay for its subscription annually.

How Much Is Skillshare?

Skillshare offers a subscription plan which can be billed monthly or annually for individual learners. The monthly plan costs $29 USD and the annual plan costs $99 USD (working out at $8.25 USD a month). Once you’ve registered, you’ll need to choose either the monthly or annual plan at checkout, along with entering your credit/debit or PayPal details.Once registered, you’ll get access to the free trial, and won’t be charged until the free trial ends.

Skillshare start free month
Skillshare start free month

Skillshare Refund Policy

Skillshare offers refunds on annual Skillshare memberships if you contact them within 14 days after the charge has been processed, just by submitting a request for refund here. Be mindful, that only one refund is available per customer.

In some cases, users may have signed up to a 30-day money-back guarantee offer, can request a refund up to 30 days after payment.

Be aware that Skillshare will not be able to cancel, refund, or manage subscriptions bought through apps like the iOS App Store or Google Play.

Remember that you won’t be charged anything until your 30-day free trial has finished. If you do decide that Skillshare Premium isn’t for you, you can cancel at anytime during your free trial, and you won’t be charged anything.

Cancel Your Membership with Skillshare

After you cancel your membership, your Skillshare account will be active for the remaining days of your membership plan. When your membership expires, you’ll lose access to your class videos and any downloadable material. If you change your mind, you’re able to reactivate your membership plan at any time.

For an in-depth look at Skillshare’s pricing, you can check out our detailed pricing guide. It includes everything you need to know!

Who Is Skillshare For?

Skillshare is aimed at creatives who want to develop new skills or improve existing ones. Since its classes focus on topics like illustration, design, photography, video, freelancing and much more naturally it appeals to; creative workers (e.g. designers, chefs, artists, etc.), entrepreneurs (e.g. marketers or SEOs), freelancers or small businesses who all want to take the next step in their creative journey.

Skillshare Who is it for?
Skillshare Welcome Back

What Does Skillshare Offer?

Skillshare offers 34,000+ courses, that all fit under Skillshares 4 main categories; Creative, Business, Technology and Lifestyle. In case you can’t find what you are looking for under its main categories, you can browse using its subcategories. On top of its individual courses, you can access Skillshares learning paths, ChromaCourses and much more.

Skillshare Learning Paths

Skillshare Learning Paths is designed to help you achieve your learning goals with hand-picked sequential classes that will deepen your skill set with a set of curated classes that build on one another. The learning paths are available in a range of experience levels from beginner to advanced.

Skillshare Learning Paths
Skillshare Learning Paths

Skillshare ChromaCourse

Skillshare has recently introduced four-week, immersive small group courses called ChromaCourse. The idea of it is to give a small group of learners access to exclusive content from expert teachers with live Q&As that get personalized feedback on your assignments.

ChromaCourse on Skillshare
ChromaCourse on Skillshare

Anyone can enroll on a Chroma Course, you don’t need to be a Skillshare member. All you need is access to Slack and Zoom, so you can participate in the live sessions. New Chroma Courses are launched each month and if you find the course you would like to join is full, there is the option to join the waiting list. You can purchase a Chroma Course with a debit or credit card, and then you will receive confirmation of purchase in your email.

Skillshare Chroma Courses

Skillshare Live Sessions

Skillshare offers a digital event series, so you can learn alongside Skillshare teachers and fellow creatives. Anyone is free to join a Skillshare live session by registering through Eventbrite, you don’t need an active Skillshare membership to join. If you are looking to deepen your creative skills, be inspired by a Skillshare teacher or reach your creative goals, it’s worth checking them out.

Skillshare Live Sessions
Skillshare Live Sessions

Skillshare Live Sessions

Skillshare Community

Skillshare is an online learning community that believes in the importance of its members being able to come together to find inspiration, connect with one another and take the next steps into their creative journey.


Collaboration is a key part of the Skillshare platform. It has tamed up with some Skillshare teachers to bring you Groups. The Groups are broken up into 4 categories Creative, Technology, Business and Lifestyle.

Skillshare Groups
Skillshare Groups

The Groups are an opportunity for you to connect with other creators, share your work, and take your skills to the next level. By joining a Group, you’ll be able to connect with other Skillshare members in your industry, by asking questions, sharing your work, giving and receiving feedback or simply discuss your interests. If you have a free account you can join groups, but members with a Premium paid account can post in them.

Student Projects

Skillshare members can post the work they have been creating which can then be commented on and liked by other Skillshare members. It’s an ideal way to connect with others and share your work in an inspiring and creative community.

Skillshare Student Projects
Skillshare Student Projects

If you are someone who is looking for an online learning platform with a focus on community and connecting with members then Skillshare is the platform for you.

Localized Languages

Originally, the Skillshare community was primarily English speakers, but it now reaches a much larger global community. So, that is why it now offering its content in four additional languages including German, Spanish, French and Portuguese. It is in the process of localizing its catalog of classes for all these languages.

Skillshare multiple languages
Skillshare Language Menu

For its English speaking classes subtitles will accompany the class in the chosen language of the user. Just make sure that you select the right language in the Class Details section of the Class Creator.

Skillshare for Teams

Skillshare isn’t just an online learning platform for individuals, it offers a plan for teams and businesses. This plan is designed for teams or businesses of any size and designed to develop their creative skills.

Skillshare for teams: A plan that gives users a personalized experience with unlimited access to Skillshare’s 34,000+ classes, the ability to watch classes offline and detailed reporting and analytics.

Skillshare for teams package
Skillshare for Teams
Try Skillshare for Teams

However, if you are after some sort of formal education, Skillshare won’t be a good match as it doesn’t offer accredited certificates. If that is what you are looking for, we suggest checking out Coursera.

How To Open A Skillshare Account?

Skillshare sign up
Open an account with Skillshare

Opening a Skillshare account is straightforward to open, you only need to follow these steps:

  1. Visit and click on ‘Sign in’ (top right corner) or ‘Sign Up With Email’
  2. Or if you prefer you can Continue with your: Facebook, Google or Apple account
  3. You will then be directed to add your payment details
  4. Once completed just select Start your free month
Skillshare payment details
Skillshare payment details

Try Skillshare 1-month free

Skillshare in Detail



Ease of Use ?


Signing up to Skillshare is really straightforward; you only need an email and a password. It’s also possible to register using Facebook or Google.

Before purchasing the premium membership you will get access to a 1-month free trial. If you don’t want to continue with the premium plan, you will need to cancel before the trial ends, and you won’t be charged anything.

Using Skillshare’s interface is also straightforward, there is enough information about the classes and the backend is intuitive. It could have a more detailed knowledge base though.

Convenience ?


Skillshare is an online learning community to master real-world skills with thousands of classes (courses).

Skillshare offers a completely unrestricted free trial for 1 month, to its premium membership. The premium plan allows you to watch its classes offline.

Available Platforms


Besides its website, you can use their mobile apps (Android and Apple) to follow a class. Users like Skillshare apps as their rating at the app stores is higher than 4.5 (out of 5).

Certifications ?

Skillshare is not accredited with any educational institution (e.g. University or Organization) and you will not receive an accredited certificate when you complete a course.

Categories ?


Skillshare offers over 34,000+ online classes. The classes are offered in four main categories: Creative & Design, Business, Technology and Lifestyle.

If you are looking for a wider range of courses, then Udemy has courses on every topic you could imagine.

Free Courses


Skillshare no longer offers free classes. However, it does offer a 7 – day free trial on its premium memberships, which gives you full access to all classes on the platform.

Content Quality ?


Every class has short lessons and hands-on projects for you to work on. You will then share your project in the class and receive feedback from Skillshare’s community.

Some complaints are that the classes and the instructors lack quality control as pretty much anyone can post their own Skillshare course.

Languages ?


Skillshare accepts classes in all languages. Its community is primarily English speakers. Recently, it has added four additional languages: French, German, Portuguese and Spanish to appeal to its growing global community.

Instructors ?


As well as offering course subscriptions it also allows you to sign up as a teacher and produce your own classes.

Skillshare classes are taught by creators, entrepreneurs and professionals from all over the world. Skillshare teachers are responsible for every aspect of their course, from designing it to uploading videos and materials. They are then paid a royalty based on the number of minutes of your classes that Skillshare users watch.

Course Requirements ?


There aren’t many specific requirements a course must meet other than ‘it must be educational’, ‘good sound quality’, ‘include a presentation’, ‘well-organized content’ or ‘high-resolution video’. Classes must be, at least, 10-minutes long though.

One positive thing is that all classes must include a project the students will be able to use to learn.

Course Structure ?


Skillshare online classes consist of a video window that plays the course content which is divided into small bite-size classes. Some of the classes can vary from minutes to hours.

You will also have the information about the instructor’s profile, links to additional information and a project (or projects) to follow the course.

The course program and structure are well detailed within the course page, so you’ll know what to expect from each class.

Quizzes and Tests ?


Some Skillshare classes include quizzes in their content, but this isn’t a requirement.

Payments and Refunds


Skillshare works on an annual subscription model. You pay a fixed fee every year with full access to the platform.

Skillshare premium is billed annually at $99 working out at $8.25 a month for individual learners. There is also Skillshare for Teams that’s $159 per user, per year, and the plan can be adapted for a team or business of any size.

You have a 14-day refund policy for the premium annual plan. Use a credit card or PayPal to pay for your subscription.

For a more detailed review on Skillshare costs and pricing plan.

Support ?


You can reach out to Skillshare via email at At times, they can be slow to answer. They have some support materials, but they don’t answer all the questions you may have about the platform as they aren’t super detailed either.

Overall Rating ?


Skillshare offers such a wide variety of creative classes that you can learn at your own pace. Sadly, they don’t offer courses on every topic, other platforms like Udemy have courses about pretty much everything.

If you are looking for an accredited certification it would be best to explore Coursera or edX.

What Classes can I find on Skillshare?

When you click on Browse in the top-left corner you will see that Skillshare has divided its creative classes into 3 main categories Create, Build and Thrive (see image below).

Skillshare Categories
Skillshare Categories
  • Create: Animation, Creative Writing, Film & Video, Fine Art, Graphic Design, Illustration, Music, Photography, UI/UX Design and Web Development.
  • Build: Business Analytics, Freelance & Entrepreneurship, Leadership & Management and Marketing.
  • Thrive: Lifestyle and Productivity

Skillshare offers thousands of free classes in all the areas listed above, so it is an ideal way for you to try out its courses. Plus the free trial on the Skillshare Premium plan gives you full access to its library of classes and courses.

How are Skillshare Classes Stuctured?

Skillshare classes are not designed around a fixed format. Some of its classes are short and sweet around 10 minutes, whereas others run for longer hours even and can have up to 50 short videos. All its classes have assignments and encourage its learner to share their projects and learning along the way, and it encourages engagement with the Skillshare community.

YouTube Success Learn Skills Online
YouTube Success Learn Skills Online

Skillshare offers a couple of types of classes, the Skillshare Original and other Skillshare classes that are created by individuals. The Skillshare Originals are courses which Skillshare produce, and they normally collaborate with partners like Moz and Havenly. As well as these partners it also likes to work with celebrities or influencers who have a decent following like Marques Brownlee (YouTuber, Pocaster, Tech Head) and Ali Abdaal (Doctor & YouTuber). I actually took one of Ali Abdaal classes you can read about my experience in this review below.

Under each class video are some features that help to deepen your learning which include About, Teacher, Class Ratings, Hands-on Class Project and Resources and Transcripts.


Skillshare About This Class
Skillshare About This Class

The About section gives a summary of the class, what the lessons will cover and most importantly what skills you will learn from taking this class.


A small blurb about the teacher teaching the class will tell you about their experience and background. In some cases, you may already be familiar with your teacher, but if not this gives you a well-rounded overview of who they are.

Skillshare Meet Your Teacher
Skillshare Meet Your Teacher

Class Ratings

The class ratings are a good indication for new users about an insight into the class. You can check out the Expectations of previous users and read comments left by them, this may help your decision-making whether you want to take the class or not.

Skillshare Class Ratings
Skillshare Class Ratings

Skillshare Customer Reviews

To ensure this Skillshare review offers a thorough perspective, I chose to explore two well-know customer review sites, Trustpilot and Sitejabber. This approach enables us to gather insights from a broad and varied customer base, offering a comprehensive view of what users have to say about the platform.

The Trustpilot review comes from 1,499 users, you can see in the table below the breakdown of the ratings between 1 and 5 star. The Sitejabber review is taken from 588 customers with 365 of those users awarding Skillshare a 5-star rating.

Rating Trustpilot Sitejabber
5-star 47% 365
4-star 12% 7
3-star 3% 5
2-star 2% 9
1-star 36% 172
Overall 1.4 out of 5 stars 3.69 out of 5 stars

Data gathered on 10/20/2023

As I dug further into the details, I wanted to know what users were praising and complaining about. On Trustpilot, nearly 50% of the reviews gave the platform a 5-star rating, many praising its ‘Customer Service’, ‘User Experience’ and ‘Payment & Refunds’. “I really enjoy the Skillshare platform! Everything is really well organised and easy to figure out.” a content five-star reviewer said.

On the downside, many of the unhappy 1-star ratings on Sitejabber complained about ‘Bad Customer Service, ‘Technical Issues’ and ‘Disappointing Teachers’.  “I was charged for the membership renewal without prior notice. When I realized it, I cancelled quickly on the website. They refused to give me a refund…” an unhappy one-star reviewer said.

My Skillshare Experience

The best way for me to get to know the Skillshare platform, is by trying out some classes for myself. Luckily, I’ve taken a bunch of classes which has helped me to get a good overview of the platform. Some of my favorite classes have included Productivity Masterclass by Ali Abdaal and Boost Your Dream Business by Isis Breanna.

Video Lessons

The video lesson’s template is very intuitively designed (see image below). You can find all the video lessons and duration on the right side of the video player. Then below the video player is subheadings of the class like About, Reviews, Discussions, Projects & Resources and Transcripts.

Skillshare Productivity MasterClass Video template
Skillshare Productivity MasterClass Video template

This Productivity Masterclass – Principles and Tools to Boost Your Productivity consists of 15 video lessons which are all bite sized, with the longest video around 20 minutes long. I particularly enjoyed the video lesson on The Power of Habits as it was one of my favourite classes, I took a lot away from it, especially about how once something becomes a habit it becomes so much easier to sustain. Also, the fact that it is about identity change and the identities we reinforce on ourselves and making the smallest changes will impact us long term.

Projects & Discussions

After watching all the video lessons, there is an opportunity for you to put what you’ve learned into action. After completing the ‘Boost Your Dream Business’ I added my own class project, which was a lead magnet that I implemented on Upskillwise, you can see it in action here. I really liked seeing the work of other students, and it actually gave me inspiration before I designed my own lead magnet (see image below).

Skillshare Class Projects
Skillshare Class Projects

I added my own response to the prompt “I Don’t Have Time” (see image below) and even though I won’t be getting any feedback from Ali Abdaal it did make me think about what am I avoiding when I say to myself “I don’t have time” and write down what that is. I believe much of what this class is about is changing old habits of behavior, so having this reflective practice enforces you to think about changing patterns of behavior.

Skillshare Productivity Masterclass I don't have time
Skillshare Productivity Masterclass I don’t have time


Once you’ve submitted your project, you’ll earn a completion certificate. Even if your main goal isn’t to receive a completion certificate, it’s still a recognition of your hard work and commitment (see image below). I added mine to my LinkedIn and actually felt quite proud of myself.

Skillshare Catherine Cooke Certificate
Skillshare Certificate

To summarize

Before concluding all the reasons, you should take a Skillshare class. It would only be fair to highlight where the platform is lacking and why it may not be right for you. Skillshare’s classes aren’t accredited with any external Organization or University. If that is something you are looking for then Coursera or Udacity would be the right fit.

You’ll love Skillshare for:

  • 1-month free trial
  • Engaging & Bite size video lessons
  • Ask questions in the Discussions
  • 34,000+ classes on a wide variety of subjects

Skillshare isn’t right for you:

  • There are no quizzes, tests or assessments
  • You won’t get any feedback from the teacher
  • There are no deadlines

If you need any guidance on choosing the right Coursera course, you can check out my expert tips on finding the right Skillshare class.

Will Skillshare Help Me With My Career?

Whereas Skillshare won’t get you a formal promotion as it doesn’t have accredited certificates, it’s very possible that it helps improve your professional skills so you can work confidently.

Skillshare projects
All Skillshare classes are project-based

I would say that Skillshare is ideal if you are a freelancer (or part of a creative team) and you don’t care too much about earning certificates and developing your CV. Skillshare is more about teaching you the knowledge you can apply to your work.

There is also an engaged community of students at Skillshare, this can be a great way to get in touch with other professionals from your field.

Publish a Course at Skillshare

There aren’t any formal requirements to publish a course at Skillshare, you won’t have to be a university lecturer or a super famous designer or artist – although that helps.

As a Skillshare instructor, you’ll be in charge of designing your course, producing the videos and materials, uploading the resources to Skillshare and keeping in touch with your students.

There are two ways in which Skillshare teachers are paid:

  1. You would get paid $10 for every new student you bring to Skillshare
  2. For each viewed minute of your classes, Skillshare will pay you a royalty.

Payments to instructors are made via PayPal, sadly, there isn’t any other way to get paid with Skillshare.

Please be aware that the speed at which students watch your classes has an impact on your revenue. For example, if they watch 20 minutes at 2x, you’ll be paid for 10 minutes, and if they watch 20 minutes at 0.5x you’ll be paid for 40 minutes.

There are guidelines for instructors when creating classes, but they are mainly common-sense recommendations:

  • Create engaging and educational content
  • Sound and video should be good quality
  • You must have an introduction/presentation video
  • Classes need to be project-based
  • No self-promotion outside the intro and outro of the classes
  • Max upload 1 class a week
  • Some topics aren’t allowed: passive income, other educational platforms (e.g. Udemy), reselling products or medical content
  • Minimum of 10 minutes per course

Skillshare Alternatives


Learn From VIP Instructors



Accredited Certificates



Variety of Courses


Curious to know more about our Skillshare’s top competitors, check out our alternatives article here.

Skillshare Conclusion

After this in-depth Skillshare review, I hope you have a clearer understanding of how this popular creative online learning platform works and whether it is right for you. Let me summarize why it’s worth it;

Its premium plan is affordable and gives you access to 34,000+ classes which are geared towards creative professionals, entrepreneurs and learners. The course community is normally engaged, so interacting with other students can be a fun way to learn. The 1-month free trial gives you the opportunity to test the waters out before financially committing.

If you are part of a creative team or business, one of its three team plans may be suitable. The starter plan is the cheapest option, and then you have the Enterprise or Revive, which are both custom plans.

As mentioned earlier, if you are looking for any kind of official recognition of your learnings (e.g. a certificate), you’ll have to look elsewhere (e.g. Coursera or edX). Even if they have a lot of online courses available, they are normally focused on design, marketing and entrepreneurship – you may not be able to find the course you need.

Please leave a comment below if you have any questions, and I’ll do my best to help you out.

Visit Skillshare


Sure, Skillshare is an elearning platform that has been operating since 2010, which means that it’s older than most of its competitors. They have their headquarters in New York and companies such as Vice, Stapels or Virgin TV use them for their employees’ development.

Its website is SSL secured and the payments can be done using a credit card or PayPal, you’ll have a 14-day refund policy for annual subscriptions. On top of that, you’ll be able to trial the platform and its classes for some time completely free.