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Josep Garcia & Catherine Cooke founders of Upskillwise

Upskillwise Methodology

We wanted to be transparent with our readers and the way that we create our reviews and evaluate our products and services. That way, you have a better understanding of how Upskillwise works internally.

Categories that we review

Our reviews rigorously evaluate customer support and the assistance offered to users, covering:

  • Contact methods (email, chat, phone)
  • Support resources (guides, tutorials, videos)
  • Response time after reaching out
  • Quality of support agent interactions

For our audience engaging with online, understanding the cost is crucial. Our thorough review scrutinizes:

  • Payment options: What methods of payment are accepted?
  • Fee structure: Are the fees clear and justified?
  • Value for money: What does your investment yield in terms of content and features?
  • Hidden costs: Are there any non-obvious costs involved?

Our reviews of online learning platforms and financial services always consider their digital interfaces, as they’re accessed via websites and apps. We focus on the user experience, examining:

  • The simplicity of registration or account creation
  • Alternative access methods beyond the website, like apps
  • The performance speed of the apps and websites
  • The platform’s design and navigational ease

For our readers utilizing online learning platforms, the significance of a certificate upon course completion is paramount. Our detailed review considers:

  • The certificate’s official status: Is it endorsed by a recognized authority or university?
  • The nature of the certificate: Does it simply acknowledge course completion?
  • The certificate’s potential impact: Could it enhance career prospects or matter to employers?

Our Earnings Model Explained

At Upskillwise, we sustain our operations through a transparent earnings model. We receive compensation from some of the platforms and products we review.

However, this financial relationship does not influence our reviews or sway our recommendations. We remain steadfast in our commitment to honesty—if a product doesn’t meet our high standards, we won’t recommend it. Our priority is to maintain editorial independence and continue delivering valuable, high-quality content to our readers.

Our foremost aim is to produce premier content, whether we’re reviewing online learning platforms or delving into freelancing topics. As we’ve noted, this demands a thorough evaluation process to maintain our exacting standards. Leveraging our extensive knowledge in these areas, we personally develop and scrutinize all our content, all of which is available on


After crafting our content, we take great pride in consistently updating it to guarantee its relevance and accuracy. Devoting most of our time to keeping the content current is a top priority for us.

While we strive for accuracy, we can’t guarantee that everything is always up-to-date. If you spot an error, please let us know.

To ensure our reviews and insights remain honest and valuable to our readers, we adhere to a strict ethical code. Here are our pledges to you:

  • We personally craft and scrutinize our content.
  • Our use of affiliate links is transparent, with a clear declaration on each review.
  • We rely on primary sources during our research, which are verified before publication—and we welcome corrections if errors are found.
  • Reader comments are encouraged, provided they are respectful to all parties involved.
  • Reviewed services do not get pre-access to our content.
  • We clearly disclose any commissions received in a transparent manner.
  • Our reviews impartially discuss both the advantages and drawbacks of the services.
  • Every review is attributed to a real author with experience in the field; we do not use pseudonyms.
  • Unlike many, we genuinely test all the products and services we review. Therefore, you’ll find authentic screenshots of our accounts or even videos in our evaluations.

At Upskillwise, we stand by the authenticity and transparency of our work. We don’t just review from the sidelines; we’re fully involved, showing our faces and openly identifying our authors. As a legally established company, we believe in conducting our business with complete openness.

We openly disclose how we generate revenue, ensuring our readers understand our processes. Moreover, we foster a community of respect and dialogue, where we welcome and do not censor respectful comments. Our commitment to transparency is at the core of everything we do, building trust with our audience every step of the way.

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The Experts Behind Our Reviews

At, our reviews and content are the products of a dedicated team, spearheaded by Catherine and Josep. Together, we bring a combined wealth of knowledge and hands-on experience in the realms of online learning, professional and personal development and more. Our process is grounded in rigorous research and a deep understanding of the subjects we cover, ensuring that the insights we provide are both knowledgeable and practical.

Catherine and Josep are not just partners in research but are seasoned content creators, each with a track record of engaging and informative work. Our expertise is not just academic; it’s built on years of navigating and utilizing the very platforms and services we evaluate. This practical experience informs every review, giving our readers confidence in the accuracy and reliability of our content. We partner with freelance writers, editors, and experts to ensure our content is accurate, comprehensive, and empowers our readers.

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