Upskillwise Methodology

We wanted to be transparent with our readers and in the way that we create our reviews and evaluate our products and services. This was you have a better understanding on how works internally.

Summary of the review process

For all the products and services that we review we follow the same methodical process:

  1. Before creating any content we conclude whether our readers are interested in it.
  2. We test the product or service we are reviewing under real circumstances.
  3. We start the initial research and then branch out into more in-depth categories that readers want to know about.
  4. Always read the small print and check for any hidden clauses.
  5. We subscribe to the subscription plans to test the learning experience.
  6. Finally, we discuss among ourselves before deciding if we would recommend to a family or friend.
  7. We write the review based on our opinions.

Categories that we review

Depending on what type of product or service we are reviewing, we look at which categories are relevant to talk about. It is obviously not the same as reviewing an online learning platform as it is a broker. The truth is though there are some aspects which overlap in the reviewing process, regardless of the types of product you are analyzing. I will detail them below:

Customer Support

All our reviews include analysis of its customer support and the help services available to its customers. Our reviews include the following:

  • How to get in touch with them (e.g. email, chat, phone)
  • Materials and Articles on how to help like guides, tutorials and videos
  • After contacting them, how long do they take to respond
  • The quality of the responses from the customer support agents.

Ease of Use and Usability

In all cases, our online learning platforms and financial services are delivered through websites and apps. This is why we pay special attention to how easy or complicated it is to use these services. Some of the aspects that we review are:

  • How ease it is to register or open an account
  • Additional ways you can access the platform other than the website (e.g. apps),
  • Speed of apps and the website
  • The layout of the platform and how to navigate around it.


Something important to our readers of online learning platforms is the value of a certificate after completing an online course or learning program. We review in detail the following:

  • Is the certificate official? Meaning has it been awarded by a governing body or University partner
  • Is the certificate just a completion certificate, an acknowledgement of successful completing the course
  • Will the certificate help your future career or is important to an employer.

Types of products we review

As we mentioned before, we review different types of products and services, we adapt each review to the categories and aspects that are important to that product. We review the following services:

  • Online Learning Platforms
  • Brokers and trading platforms

Why you can trust

There are several reasons why you can trust our content and reviews

What you will find in our reviews and content?

Our main objective is to create the best content about online learning platforms and financial products. To achieve this, as we mentioned before, we have to do a very detailed evaluation process to meet those standards.

In addition, we have extensive knowledge in both these fields, and we create and review all our content ourselves which is then published on

We have several types of content available including:

  • Detailed and updated reviews
  • Guides and tutorials
  • We allow our readers to leave comments and feedback (even if they aren’t positive)
  • We create videos on our most popular products
  • We have tools to help you choose the right product for you
  • Above all our reviews are honest

Content updates

Once we write our content, we pride ourselves on regularly updating it to ensure the content is relevant and correct. Keeping the content updated is what takes up most of our time and something we prioritize.

Our code of conduct

To ensure that our reviews and opinions are honest and helpful to our reader, we follow a strict code of conduct. We make the following commitments to you:

  • We always create the content and review it ourselves
  • We are very transparent with affiliate links, including a declaration on each review page.
  • During our research period we use primary sources which we check before publishing and of course if you find any mistakes, please let us know
  • Any reader is welcome to leave a comment, as long as it’s respectful of others, the authors of the content and the platforms being discussed.
  • We don’t accept financial gains or gifts from the platforms we review.
  • We don’t give the services we review access to the content before we create and post it
  • In all content, we publish we are transparent and disclose if we receive commissions through a clear message
  • We always talk in our reviews about the ‘pros’ and the ‘cons’ of each service
  • Each one of our reviews has a real author, and we do no hide behind pseudonyms

How we make money

In order to maintain editorial independence, offering a better user experience to our readers and continue to produce high-quality content to our readers is financed through commissions from affiliates or referrals.

The team behind our Reviews

Our team consists of myself Catherine and my partner Josep, together we carry out all the research and that goes into creating the content that you read at We both have experience in online content creation and have knowledge and experience of online learning platforms and financial services. If you want to know more about us, you can read in more detail here.