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Mindvalley Review: Is It Worth The Hype?

Catherine Cooke

23 May, 2022

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Are you interested in personal development?

Mindvalley is an online learning platform that is a little different from your standard academic platform. It was founded in 2003 by Vishen Lakhiani a multi talented entrepreneur, author and activist. This online learning platform focuses on personal growth by developing all aspects of human transformation. It is home to an impressive 10 million students from all over the world and has a 300+ international team.

Are you curious yet?

Mindvalley Review

Well before you decide anything. I am sure you have a handful of questions you want answering like; What type of classes do they offer? How much does it cost? What is the learner community like? And much more. So let’s delve into this in-depth Mindvalley Review.

Free Courses

Every week a free masterclass of 60 to 90 minutes is released, this gives you the opportunity to get a taste of the platform.

Reputable Trainers

Mindvalley has experienced teachers, authors and visionaries (even some famous ones) teaching its learning programs.

High Quality Video Content

Its video content is produced at a high-quality, that is engaging and interactive for users.

Bite-Sized Video Lessons

Many of its quests are made up of 10-20 minute bite sized videos, which is great for user engagement, and they get straight to the point.

Engaged Learner Community

A strong and committed learner community who are always helpful, supportive and bring an element of fun.

Limited Catalogue

Mindvalley’s catalogue of courses are specific and limited. So if you are looking for a wider range of topics it may be worth checking out Coursera or Skillshare.

Higher Price Tag

Joining just one quest (a single course) may seem a little expensive however the 12-month full access membership makes more financial sense. Or if you are looking for something really budget-friendly then Udemy maybe your answer.

Basic Filter System

When you are searching for a course the filter system is a little basic. Platforms like Skillshare and Udemy allow you to search specific keywords like Most Updated or select a Class length which is really helpful.

Mindvalley Review Verdict

Mindvalley is an online learning platform that offers personal growth programs on every aspect of human transformation. Its learning programs are called Quests which are addictive and digestible. A strong online community makes its stand out from other online platforms who are dedicated and helpful in supporting your learning experience. You can either purchase an individual quest or subscribe to the ‘all access’ membership that is paid monthly or annually. Mindvalley also offers weekly free Masterclasses to give you a taste of the platform.

Who Is Mindvalley For?

Join Mindvalley now
Are you looking for personal growth? Then Mindvalley may be your answer, it is an online platform that covers every aspect of your life to transform it for the better.

Curious to find out more?

Well, Mindvalley is a platform that enables you to learn the subjects that truly matter to you, it gives you the opportunity to learn everything you wished you’d learnt at school. Think traditional education and being stuck in a stuffy classroom, well, Mindvalley is the complete opposite. It’s 50+ Quests on topics like Mind, Body, Soul, Career, Entrepreneurship, Relationship & Kids, Teens and Parenting which are taught by world-class experts and celebrities offers a unique learning experience.

In short Mindvalley is for someone who;

  • Loves self-help books and podcasts (like myself)
  • Looking for self-improvement both physically mentally and spiritually
  • In need of daily motivation
  • Wants to be part of an engaging online community
  • Enjoys online learning

If you are a little unsure about where to start with Mindvalley then you can take full advantage of a fantastic feature – the Mindvalley Life Assessment. A 20-minute test that reveals which areas of your life need the most attention. It has a series of personal questions for you to answer on areas about your health and fitness, Emotional, Character, Life Vision and more.

Mindvalley Life Assessment

Mindvalley Life Assessment

The results of this assessment will help you pick the right Quests for your personal needs and goals. With your free Mindvalley account you have access to the Mindvalley Life Assessment test.

Mindvalley for Business

Like most other online learning platforms its courses are not only designed for the individual learner, but for businesses too. The ‘Mindvalley for Business’ content helps your team boost performance, increase happiness and improve engagement.

Mindvalley for Business

Here are just some of the reasons why you would enjoy Mindvalley for Business;

  • Enhanced Productivity and Human Excellence
  • Improved Team Performance
  • Improved Employee Engagement and Retention
  • Inspire Boundless Innovation and Creativity
  • Create stronger Leadership and Ownership

Interested in trying out Mindvalley for Business for you and your team. You can check it out here.

Mindvalley for Youth

Mindvalley believes that a conscious learning curriculum for all learners. This curriculum is designed to unlock student’s full potentials and equip them with advanced real-life skills that most education systems have not yet explored.

Mindvalley for Youth

Mindvalley learning curriculum is not fixed and is self-evolving focus on key areas like memory power, emotional acuity, time management, nutrition, social development, self-esteem and courage.

If Mindvalley for Youth is something you are interested in. You can either send an email to or contact here.

How Much Are Mindvalley Courses Really?

Mindvalley has a couple of options for purchasing its learning programs. You can decide to either buy an individual Quest (a single course) or you can sign up to the full access membership paying monthly or yearly.

Individual Quests

Its individual quests cost anywhere between $199 and up to $499. So if you have a specific quest in mind, then this is the option for you. The following is included in your Individual Quest purchase;

  • Lifetime access to course material
  • Free yearly upgrades to the course material
  • Bonus material (if it’s applicable to the specific course)
  • Lifetime access to the Mindvalley learner community

All Access Memberships

If you want the freedom and the access to the full platform, then you have a couple of options for memberships;

  • Monthly Membership – $99 a month (Pay monthly, cancel anytime)
  • Yearly Membership – $399 a year (Pay yearly, cancel anytime)

Mindvalley Membership Plans

Mindvalley Membership Plans

The monthly and yearly All Access Mindvalley memberships give you the flexibility to enjoy quests at anytime and be part of the Mindvalley community. The following is included in its memberships;

  • Unlimited access to the Mindvalley’s Vault of Quests
  • Access to all Upcoming Quests in the next 12 months
  • Access to tens of thousands of students in Mindvalley’s Global Campus
  • Weekly live appearances with Authors & live workshops
  • FREE Access to Mindvalley Connections App
  • One click refund in the first 15 days so money back is guaranteed
  • Accessible everywhere via Apple, Android Desktop, iPad and Apple TV

Note: Mindvalley does offer a 15-day money-back guarantee after the purchase of either an annual or monthly membership, if you decide it’s not for you. You can get a refund here.

Free Courses

As well as paid memberships Mindvalley offers free Masterclasses each week that are 60 to 90 minutes long. The Mindvalley teachers go deep into a powerful and transformational idea and all you need to do is reserve your spot (see image below).

Free Mindvalley Courses

An excellent introduction to the Mindvalley platform is by taking one of these free masterclasses as not only do you get a taste of the high-quality teaching but also its teachers.

> Check out a free Masterclass here

How To Open A Mindvalley Account?

The registration process for Mindvalley is pretty intuitive. I thought I would still break it down step by step, so you know what to expect;

Mindvalley Log In

Mindvalley Log In

  1. Open a browser and visit
  2. Click Log In on the top right corner (see image above)
  3. You will have the option to Login or Create New Account
  4. You can either join with Apple, Facebook or Google or if you prefer Add your email, password and first name (see image below)
  5. Click on Sign up with Mindvalley (see image below)

Once you are registered you can begin accessing the Introduction to Mindvalley, Today’s Free Masterclasses, Programs and much more.

Mindvalley Create New Account

Mindvalley Create New Account

I would suggest a great place to start is watching some of the Masterclass introductions and reserving your spot for a free Masterclass, as this will give you a taste of the platform.

What Categories can I find on Mindvalley?

Mindvalley’s learning programs or Quests as they call them are grouped into the following categories; Body, Mind, Soul, Relationships, Career, Performance, Money and Entrepreneurship.Mindvalley Categories

Global Events

Mindvalley doesn’t only offer online learning programs it also offers Global Events which join together the Mindvalley community to connect, grow and learn from each other. To attend one of the Mindvalley events you will need to complete an application form which will then be reviewed and if you are accepted, you can then buy a ticket which start at $3,499 and go up to $3,999.

Mindvalley Global Events

Mindvalley Global Events

7 Tips On Why Mindvalley Is Worth it

It is not always easy to choose the right course initially, especially when we are new to an online learning platform. So, I thought it would be helpful to highlight some key tips to help you find the right course (in this case quest) and know why Mindvalley is worth it.

Free Courses

An excellent way to get a taste for Mindvalley is by trying out one of its free Masterclasses which are updated each week. They are between 60-90 minutes and taught by one of Mindvalleys teachers.


On-Going Free Mindvalley Masterclasses

As well as its free weekly masterclasses, Mindvalley has a selection of On-Going Free Masterclasses (see image above) for you to enjoy. It is a fantastic way for you not only to become familiar with the platform, but also to check out the Mindvalley teachers.

Mindvalley Life Assessment

This 20 minute assessment will ask you questions on 12 separate life categories like health and fitness, emotional outlook, your spiritual fulfilment, career satisfaction and much more. You will be asked how strongly you agree or disagree with the statements on these categories.

Mindvalley Life Assessment

Mindvalley Life Assessment

It’s important to remember that this is not a test and there are no wrong or right answers. It is about you being open and honest to determine the personal recommendations for you on how to improve. It is a great starting point especially if you aren’t sure where to begin.


Mindvalley has one of the most engaged online learning communities out there. I must take my hat of to them as they have done an impressive job at this. If connecting with a like-minded, helpful and supportive community is important to you, then Mindvalley is your platform. Even on the first day of joining The Mastery of Sleep quest I left a post and was connected with a couple of other Mindvalley members (see image below).

Mindvalley Community Comments

Mindvalley Community Comments

Each quest has a ‘Join the Tribe’ (the community) where you can introduce yourself and share your insights, breakthroughs and struggles. Mindvalley believes that connecting and sharing with other students is a big part of the learning experience.

Stories on Mindvalley

Mindvalley has close to 14,000 success stories for you read from members. You can select the filter for Programs, Categories or Countries (see image below). The community is a big part of the Mindvalley platform and sharing your experience helps new members get an insight into what to expect.

Stories on Mindvalley

I must add here it doesn’t have the most intuitive review system like Skillshare or Udemy where they both have a more detailed filter and rating system. It even allows you to search specific keywords e.g. course quality or most updated. Although Mindvalley does still give you feedback from previous learners.

Mindvalley Instructors

Mindvalley teachers are leading experts in human transformation and are selected from 1,000+ applications every year. Its teachers include 200+ best-selling authors, speakers and activists who know how to inspire and transform.

Mindvalley Instructors

If you want to learn from leading experts in revolutionary personal growth programs. Like reshaping your body with Cecilia Sardeo, enhancing your relationships with Katherine Woodward Thomas or succeeding at work with Lisa Nichols, then Mindvalley has it all.

Mindvalley Channels

The Mindvalley online platform is more than just its courses (quests). It offers multiple channels for you to explore as a member from Mindvalley Mentoring, Mindvalley Talks and the Mindvalley Podcast. It really is a well-rounded online learning program.

  • Mindvalley Mentoring: 100+ hours of training by 80+ renowned teachers. It is a personal growth accelerator membership program featuring high-impact coaching. It costs $199 a year or $599 for all access plus the mentoring.
  • Mindvalley Talks: It has 1M subscribers on youtube and is the equivalent to Ted talks where you can listen and watch motivational speakers on fascinating topics.
  • Mindvalley Podcasts: It has a wide selection of podcasts and interviews with motivational speakers like Gary Vee and Lisa Nichols. You can add comments or listen later.

Mindvalley Podcast

Mindvalley Podcast

Mindvalley Apps

The Mindvalley All Access membership gives you access to the Mindvalley and the Omvana app which you can access from your smartphone, tablet and Apple TV.

Mindvalley Apps

  • Mindvalley: Be Extraordinary: You can access all the Mindvalley Programs on the Mindvalley app from quests to mentoring. It has a 4.8 rating with IOS and 4.6 rating with Android.
  • Omvana: A library of relaxing sounds, yoga music, and guided meditations. You have 60,00 combinations of sounds. It has a 4.8 rating with IOS and 4.8 rating with Android.
Ease of use

Opening an account with Mindvalley is really intuitive. You can either join with your Apple, Facebook or Google account. Or if you prefer you can Create a New Account by adding your email, password and first name.

The platform is easy to move around and has an attractive and clean design. I like how in the header you can easily navigate the subheaders. My only criticism is there could be a better filter system when browsing My programs (like most popular, most recent etc).


Mindvalley has introduced a new feature, the Self-Paced Mode which allows you to learn at your own speed. Previously its quests unlocked either weekly or daily. So once you select a start date all your lessons will be unlocked.

Sadly Mindvalley’s video lessons are not downloadable so you will need an internet connection to watch them.

Available platforms

Mindvalley courses are 100% online which you can access from a desktop or laptop.

The Mindvalley subscription gives you access to the Mindvalley app and the Omvana app which you can access from your smartphone, tablet or apple tv. The Mindvalley app is for the Quests, Mentoring and your Mindvalley Programs. It has a 4.8 rating with IOS and 4.6 rating with Android.

Whilst the Omvana app is a library of 60,000 relaxing sounds, yoga music and guided meditations. It has a 4.8 rating with IOS and 4.8 rating with Android.

Official certifications:

After completing a quest with Mindvalley, you will get access to an assessment test. Once you have successfully passed the test, you will receive information on how to receive your certificate. The certificate is completely free and you should receive it in 7-14 days. Which you can then print out and share with the Mindvalley community.

Note: Not all programs come with a certificate.


Mindvalley offers quests on a number of categories from Mind, Performance, Body, Soul, Work, Entrepreneurship, Relationships, Kids, Teens and Parenting.

As well as its categories Mindvalley offers mentoring (which comes at a cost). It also has talks and podcasts for you to enjoy.

Free courses

Every week Mindvalley offers free 60 to 90 minute Masterclasses. Its masterclasses are taught by one of Mindvalley’s inspiring teachers. It also has on-going free Masterclasses for you to enjoy. It’s an ideal way to try out the platform before committing financially.

Content quality

Mindvalley content is produced to the highest quality. Its content is engaging and the platform has proven that learners are 5x more likely to complete its courses compared to other online learning platforms.


Mindvalley Quest All Access for English, Spanish, Portuguese, German, French and Italian. It has other courses available in Omnama, Russian and Chinese.

You can change the language of your account in ‘My Account’ section.


Mindvalley has 200+ instructors that are hand-picked teachers, authors and visionaries who are the world’s best in every category of transformation. Mindvalley seeks out the top trainers, so you can learn from the very best.

Course requirements

Mindvalley Quest model is structured to take 20 minutes a day and the full program lasts 3 to 4 weeks. The focus is on daily microlearning and engaging with the Mindvalley community for an innovative and transformative learning experience.

Course structure

Mindvalley Quests are designed to be addictive and fun as a computer game. The Mindvalley course structure is made up of 3 components;

  • Daily Bite-Size Micro-Learnings
  • The Best Authors, Speakers and Activists
  • Group Motivation: Start and End Together

Its content and courses have been radically transformed to the way that we currently consume information and learn. Mindvalley creates its own content and is 5x more effective than traditional online learning.

Quizzes & tests

At the end of the program an assessment is available in the ‘Last Lesson’. The test is intended to assess how much you have learned and the results will be verified by Mindvalley.You have 2 weeks to take the test. Students are required to score at least 80% to pass.

Note: Not all programs come with a test.

Payments & refunds

You can make a payment on Mindvalley with a Credit or Debit Cards (Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express) and via Paypal.

You are eligible for a refund with Mindvalley within 15 days of purchasing which you can do within your Mindvalley Account by clicking on Billing and under program name you can click Refund.


Mindvalley has a Support Center where you can browse by Categories. You can also visit the Forum to get the latest updates, get answers, search discussions.

If you prefer a chat or email option you just need to click on the contact icon and choose ‘send us a message’ and enter your question. In my experience it can 48+ hours to respond, but they will always get back to you. For urgent enquires there is the option to all +1 888 5978384 (Monday – Friday, 9am – 5pm Pacific timezone).

Overall rating

Mindvalley creates online programs in every category of human transformation from mind, body and soul to entrepreneurship. Its digestible daily learning make it easy to commit to. Plus the engaging community help to keep you on track. The All access membership gives you unlimited access to the platform and you are entitled to a refund in the first 15 days if you aren’t satisfied.

Will Mindvalley Help Me With My Career?

Mindvalley courses focus on personal growth which can be anything from becoming more resilient to stress, more motivated, organized or developing your greater intuition. So even though you won’t come away with an academic certificate like you would after learning with Coursera or Udacity, you will still develop vital skills that will impact you positively.

Mindvalley is not a platform for traditional education, it wants to help you evolve and develop in every aspect of your life. That can’t be a bad thing, can it?

One of Mindvalley’s categories is Entrepreneurship with its focus on discovering how to design a career of authentic purpose, impact and fulfilment. Some of its courses include Ultimate Leadership and Zero to $100 Million.

Mindvalley does offer certificates after taking an assessment when finishing a quest. This certificate can be used as a way to identify that they have successfully completed the quest. Its quests are easy to fit into a busy schedule taking only 20 minutes a day, so if you already have a busy schedule or full time job and looking to gain new skills then this would be ideal.

Is Mindvalley Legit?

Let’s be honest whenever we are parting ways with money many of us ask ourselves the same question: Is this really legit?

I will put your mind at rest that Mindvalley was founded in 2013 by Vishen Lakhiani who is an entrepreneur, author and activist. It has a team of 300+ people from 59+ countries who are all on a mission to create new solutions for human consciousness.

Mindvalley has 10 million students worldwide and works with 200+ world leading speakers, authors and activists from Lisa Nichols to Michael Beckwith.

To add, Mindvalley is completely legit and safe to use, you won’t be scammed.

Last Thoughts: Is Mindvalley Worth It?

Now it’s time to conclude why Mindvalley is worth it.

If you are looking for subjects that truly matter to you on a category related to human transformation, then Mindvalley may just be the platform for you. It’s catalogue of courses range from Mind, Performance, Body, Soul, Entrepreneurship, Relationships, Kids, Teens and Parenting. Its learning programs are called Quests that are digestible and easy to fit into your busy schedule. Its quests are taught by top experts in human transformation from authors, activists and visionaries.

On the other hand, if you are wanting to learn with an accredited online platform and receive a validated certificate on successful completion then platforms like edX and Coursera are probably a better fit.

You will love Mindvalley for its:

  • Addictive and Digestible Content
  • Top Instructors and Experts
  • Strong Community
  • High-quality content
  • Multiple Channels (Mentoring, Talks, Podcasts)

Please, leave a comment below if you have any questions and I’ll do my best to help you out.

Review Updates:

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11/03/22 – Mindvalley discount promo

25/07/21 – General Update

11/04/21 Initial Review

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Skillshare offers more than 27,000+ online courses on topics for creative professionals and entrepreneurs. It has free classes and a free trial on the premium paid membership.

MasterClass offers 100+ classes across 10 categories from Celebrity and VIP instructors like Alicia Keys and Gordon Ramsay. Its classes are fun and well-produced and has a 30-day refund if you aren’t happy with the platform.

Linkedin Learning has over 5,500 courses in business, technology and creative skills. Even though it’s not an accredited institution you will receive certificates on completion.

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9 days ago

Your title said “Pro and Cons” I am disappointed that this was really just a commercial. i.e. no “Cons” I thought you would provide an even handed commentary.
I am a Mindvalley student and enjoy the classes.

10 months ago

Please make this available in Hindi for Indians

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