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Last update: Jun 20, 2024

DataCamp Pricing: Is a Subscription Worth it?

Free Courses, Subscription Plans, Refunds and More

DataCamp Pricing
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I'm Catherine, originally from London, now living in Spain. My professional journey led me from being a certified teacher to a yoga instructor and then a freelancer designer. These changes were made possible by online learning platforms like Skillshare and Coursera. It wasn't always easy, but so worth it and inspired me to start Upskillwise.

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If you’re checking out this article, you’re probably curious about the price of DataCamp. I’ve had a subscription to DataCamp for years now and have completed some of its courses and career certifications. Whether you’re a beginner just dipping your toes into data skills or a seasoned pro looking to sharpen your skills, knowing the full cost and value of its subscriptions is crucial before you make any commitments.

In this article, I’ll break down everything you need to know about its different subscription plans, free trials, and refund policies. Plus, I’ll share some personal insights and top tips from my own experience to help you make the best choice. Let’s dive in and find the perfect option for you!

Catherine Cooke author of the post and education and freelance expert

I’ve extensively researched and personally used online learning platforms for several years now, which has helped me write this detailed DataCamp pricing article. Alongside having my own subscription plan with DataCamp, my Master’s in Teaching and Education has given me a solid foundation in understanding effective learning methods and evaluating educational tools. I genuinely believe this pricing guide will not only be helpful but also informative, offering you insights from both my professional background and personal experiences with DataCamp.

Catherine CookeUpskillwise Advisor

DataCamp Pricing Summary

DataCamp offers a straightforward subscription model with two plans for individual learners. You can kick things off with the Basic Plan, which is completely free, or upgrade to the Premium Plan for more advanced features. If you choose the Premium Plan, it’s $39 USD per month, but you can save some cash by opting for the annual payment of $300 USD.

In addition to individual plans, DataCamp has options for teams and organizations, making it versatile for different needs. Just a heads-up: there’s no refund policy, but you can cancel your subscription anytime if needed.

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Table Summary of DataCamp Pricing

To give you a clear overview of DataCamp’s pricing, here’s a handy summary table. The Basic Plan is free and provides access to the first chapter of every course. The Premium Plan, offering full access to the platform and all its courses, is $39 USD per month or $300 USD annually. For teams, the cost is $300 annually per user, while the Enterprise Plan offers custom pricing tailored to your organization’s needs.

DataCamp Subscription No. of Courses Price Free Trial Refund & Cancellation Policy
Basic First chapter of courses only  FREE



Premium 490+ $39 USD monthly OR $300 USD annually


No refund but able to cancel at anytime

Teams 490+ $300 USD annually


No refund but able to cancel at anytime

Enterprise 490+ & Bespoke courses Contact sales for pricing

Free Demo

No refund but able to cancel at anytime

Is DataCamp Free?

Yes, DataCamp does offer a free Basic subscription plan, which grants you access to the first chapter of every course. This is a fantastic way to explore the platform without any financial commitment. You can open a free Basic account without needing to enter any card details and start learning immediately. If you find that you want more comprehensive access, upgrading to the Premium account is always an option.

DataCamp Subscription Plans

DataCamp Subscription Plans
DataCamp Subscription Plans

Basic Plan

The free Basic Plan is perfect for complete beginners or anyone wanting to get a taste of the platform. You’ll get access to the first chapter of each course, which might feel a bit limiting if you’re eager to dive deeper. However, this plan is an excellent way to start without any financial commitment. You can explore various data skills and see if DataCamp is the right fit for you. If you find yourself wanting more, upgrading to a paid plan is always an option.

Premium Plan

The Premium Plan offers both monthly and annual subscription options, providing flexibility in how you choose to pay. This plan is ideal for individuals looking to develop their skills further or those considering a complete career change. Priced affordably, the Premium Plan grants you access to over 490 courses, allowing you to earn certificates along the way. It’s a comprehensive package for serious learners.

Team Plan

The Team Plan is designed for teams of two or more and is billed annually. It includes everything in the Premium Plan plus additional features to manage your team effectively. With this plan, you can view learning activity, track the progress of team members, and utilize management tools to ensure everyone stays on track. It’s a great solution for small teams looking to upskill their data skills collectively.

Enterprise Plan

The Enterprise Plan is tailored for larger teams or organizations seeking personalized learning paths for their employees. In addition to everything offered in the Team Plan, the Enterprise Plan provides advanced features for analytics and reporting integrations. This plan is ideal for organizations that need detailed insights into their team’s learning progress and performance, ensuring that training goals are met efficiently.

DataCamp Refunds & Cancellations

Unfortunately, DataCamp does not offer any refunds on its subscription plans. It’s crucial to be fully aware of this policy before committing to a plan.

However, DataCamp does provide the flexibility to cancel or pause your subscription plans easily. Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Go to ‘My Account’ > Account Settings.
  2. Click on ‘Subscriptions.’
  3. Select ‘Manage Subscription.’

Pausing Your Subscription

If you have a monthly subscription plan, you can choose to pause it for 1, 2, or 3 months. This is a great option if you need a temporary break. After the selected pause period, your subscription will automatically reactivate, and you can continue your learning without losing any progress or access to your courses.

Cancelling Your Subscription

You can cancel your subscription at any time through the account settings. Once canceled, you will retain access to your courses until the end of your current billing period, but you will not be charged for the subsequent period.

DataCamp Pricing Platform Comparison

When choosing an online learning plaform, pricing is likely a key factor in your decision. To help you see how DataCamp stacks up against its top competitors, I’ve put together a comparison table below. This way, you can visually compare the pricing features and make an informed choice that best fits your needs.

Price DataCamp Coursera MasterClass Skillshare Mindvalley
Annual Price $300 USD  $399 USD Starting at $120 USD $99 USD  $399 USD
Monthly Price $39 USD $59 USD N/A $30 USD $49 USD
Free Trial N/A 7 days N/A 1 month N/A
Refund Policy N/A 14 days 30 days 14 days 15 days
No. of Courses 490+ 7,000+ 200+ 35,000+ 60+

DataCamp Alternatives


Accredited Certificates



Learn From VIP Instructors



Best for Verified Certificates


If you’re exploring other options besides DataCamp, we’ve got you covered. In our detailed article, we review the top DataCamp alternatives, comparing their features, pricing, and course offerings. Be sure to check it out here.

DataCamp Pricing: Last Thoughts

To wrap things up on DataCamp pricing and its features, it’s clear that DataCamp offers a range of subscription plans that are accessible for any budget. With options from a free plan to flexible monthly and annual payments, there’s something for everyone.

If you opt for a monthly plan, you have the convenience of pausing your subscription if life gets busy, whether due to travel or other commitments. However, keep in mind that DataCamp does not offer refunds on any of its subscription plans, so be sure you’re ready to commit before making a purchase.

Signing up with DataCamp is straightforward, and you can start with a free account to explore the platform. It’s an excellent choice for those looking to develop data skills or pursue a career in data science in an affordable and flexible way.

If you have any questions or need further assistance, please feel free to leave a comment below. I’m more than happy to help guide you through your online learning journey.