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Is This Platform Suited To You?

Catherine Cooke

22 September, 2020


Simplilearn Review

Is Simplilearn the platform you are looking for?

It is a platform with very mixed reviews. Even though it has over 1000+ courses, many of its learners have been left disappointed with the quality of its courses, the lack of support and feeling unsatisfied with the platform.

I will do my best to give an honest review based on my experience and feedback from past learners. We start with Simplilearn’s Pros & Cons and if you are looking for a more detailed review, please read on.

If you are looking for a wider range of courses, then head over to Coursera or Udemy. Or if you want creative courses then Skillshare is the one and MasterClass is best for VIP instructors.

Blended Learning

Variety of learning approach combining online classes, instructor-led live virtual classrooms, project work and 24/7 teaching assistance.

Mobile App

You can access its courses and download content anywhere and anytime with its mobile app, making it convenient if you are on the go or taking a trip.

No free courses

  • Simplilearn doesn’t offer any free courses, if you are looking to try a course for free it is best to check our Skillshare or  edX.

Less Choice

Offering only 400+ courses it doesn’t have such a wide and diverse range of courses as other platforms like Udemy or Coursera.

Persistent Sales Team

It can be helpful, but be aware that they will contact you numerous times like a crazy ex.

SimpliLearn Review Verdict

Simplilearn is an online certification provider that aids learners to improve their skills and career knowledge. It is partnered with 40+ accredited global bodies like Exin or IASSC and supported by companies like Google and Hubspot. It’s possible to enrol in courses that are certified and recognised globally by future employers. A 7 day money back guarantee is offered if you change your mind after purchasing a course.

Who Is Simplilearn For?

You may be asking yourself, is Simplilearn right for me?

If you are a professional looking to improve your skills and knowledge with the focus on your career, then you are considering the right elearning platform.

Simplilearn offers a couple of learning styles, one being blended learning, an approach that mixes video and instructor-led classroom training with online content, real world projects and a 24/7 teaching assistance and support.

Simplilearn Blended Learning

Simplilearn blended learning

Some of the benefits of blended learning are the following;

  • Different people learn in different ways: You may be familiar with the learning model called VARK (which stands for Visual, Aural, Read or Kinesthetic) which describes how each  of us learn in one of these different ways. With this in mind a mixed learning style benefits different learners. For example if you are aural learner (learning best from listening) a live instructor-led class would suit you best.
  • Higher engagement: If you combine different ways of learning (video, live instructor, social forum and practical projects) it keeps you engaged as a learner. This fusion of learning will help to reinforce any gaps of knowledge you may miss from one style of teaching and give a more comprehensive overall outcome.
  • You are in charge: Allowing students to have self-paced learning means they can work at the rhythm that suits them. Instead of having the pace set by the fastest or slowest member of the group. You can then skip ahead or rewatch video content and seek additional resources if necessary.

How Much Are Simplilearn Courses Really?

Let me tell you that Simplilearn is not cheap!  Its course pricing is diverse, starting at $600 and going up to $3,000.

As mentioned above, Simplilearn offers different training options from self-paced, blended learning to corporate training. The different course types have different costs.

Simplilearn training options

Simplilearn training options

Note: Not all all courses offer all training options. For example Salesforce Administrator only has self-paced learning.

Self-Paced Learning: You will have lifetime access to the course material, video content, hands-on projects, practice exam and 24/7 learner assistance and support. Prices start from $600.

Blended Learning: Includes everything you have in the self-paced learning plus 90 days of unlimited access to live ILT sessions (classes in real time), and 180 days unlimited access to self-paced learning. Live ILT Sessions are a batch of (8-10) live sessions which are offered at different days and times (weekdays, weekends, mornings and nights). Prices start from $800.

Corporate Training: This training is designed for organizations and targets employees working in a company. The package can be customized to online or instructor led, that fits best with your organization’s goals. Price is a custom quote.

Simplilearn does offer a 7-day money back guarantee if you decide within 7 days of purchasing the course that it isn’t for you.

How To Open A Simplilearn Account?

The registration process for Simplilearn is really straightforward. I thought it would still be helpful to see the steps on how to register:

Simplilearn sign up

Simplilearn sign up

  1. Open a browser and visit
  2. Click Sign up now
  3. Add your Full Name, Email, Phone number and create a Password
  4. You can also login with your Linkedin

Once you are signed up you can click on All Courses and begin browsing the different courses on offer.

Simplilearn all courses

Simplilearn all courses

After you have selected a main category you can then pick one of the courses which will take you to the course details.

Examples Of The Most Popular Simplilearn Courses

I thought it would be interesting to look in more detail at Simplilearn’s most popular courses. It may help you in your choice to see what other students are favouring.

Simplilearn popular courses

  1. PMP (Project Management professional) – A course that covers new trends, emerging practices and core competencies with an emphasis on strategic and business knowledge with a 99.9% pass rate. The course advisor is Tim Jerome and has over 15 years experiences in companies like Intel and Digital Network Services.
  2. Machine Learning – An in-depth course in Machine Learning covering topics including real-time data, developing algorithms and learning how to use Python to draw predictions from data. You will receive 44 hours of instructor-led training with a certification, and you will work with 4 real-life industry projects.
  3. TOGAF 9 Training – A course to help master terminology, structure and concepts. You will learn the process for architecture development. It is an accredited course with 54 hours of blended learning (e.g. different learning methods). The course advisor is John Ghostley, a former CIO with 30 years of experience.
  4. Certified ScrumMaster (CSM) – A course that focuses on providing an improved understanding of Scrum methodologies and their implementation. The course is certified by the Scrum Alliance and it’s conducted by an experienced trainer with 20+ years experience.
  5. CISSP Certification – A course that helps develop your expertise in IT architecture and in designing and building.The course covers industry best practices. The course advisor is Dean Pompilio and has over 20 IT certifications.

7 Tips To Find The Perfect Simplilearn Course

If you haven’t made any final decisions on which course is right for you I have put together 7 tips to help you choose the perfect course.

Simplilearn selector

Use the selector

A very useful feature is the selector at the top of the page which allows you to choose the information you are most interested in finding out about. You can quickly click and be directed to the Course Curriculum, Course Advisor, Reviews and so on. I think this is particularly helpful if you are researching and comparing different courses.

Preview content

The course content is broken down into each lesson with the topic and time duration. Many of the lessons provide a preview for you to watch.

Simplilearn preview content

Simplilearn preview content

The Free Previews available for that particular course are all listed on the right hand side along with its time duration. These previews can give you a really great insight into the way the course is delivered and a taste of what is to come. You’ll know what to expect!

Download  the syllabus

When you check out the course content you will notice a button below it Download Syllabus.

Simplilearn download syllabus

Simplilearn download syllabus

The download provides you with a detailed but digestible overview of the course. It includes program features, target audience, key learning outcomes (see image below) and more. I think this download is really handy if you want to go away, read about the course in more detail and come back at another time.

Simplilearn key learning outcomes

Simplilearn key learning outcomes

Course reviews

Every Simplilearn course has reviews and star ratings from past students which can be really helpful to read about their experience.

Simplilearn reviews

Simplilearn reviews

I must add at this point, even though it is good to read positive reviews they haven’t added many to compare and all have 5 stars, which leads me to think it doesn’t give enough varied feedback. Other elearning platforms like Coursera and Skillshare give a more honest and raw display of reviews.

Course Advisor

Each course includes a course advisor section which includes their title and description along with their social media handles. Their bio is short and descriptive highlighting their expertise. It is definitely worth checking out your instructor to get a feeling for what he or she will be like.

Simplilearn course advisor

Simplilearn course advisor

Course FAQs

Frequently asked questions are always helpful as let’s face it, most of the time we all have the same questions we need answered. This can help clarify any doubts or queries you may have before commiting to a course.

Simplilearn FAQsSimplilearn FAQs

Support and more information

If you have trouble finding particular information about a course. You have the option to Request more information which is really useful if you can’t find what you are looking for.

Simplilearn request more information

Simplilearn request more information

Simplilearn has a really responsive support system (see image below).  They have a live chat, a phone number to call and the option to request a callback – they can be a little persistent at times though.

From my experience of reviewing online learning platforms (which has been quite a few) this has by far the most accessible and supportive contact system, with the possibility of next day call backs.

Ease of use

Opening an account is really straightforward, you just need to add your name, email, phone number and create a password. You can also login via your linkedin profile.

The design and layout of its platform is really accessible to navigate around due to its clean design. My favourite part is the fact it has so many ways to contact Help and Support which are easy to find.


Simplilearn offers self-paced and blended learning which means you have different learning styles to choose from. You’ll have lifetime access to the course materials

After purchasing a course you have the option of a 7 day money back guarantee.

You can download course videos to watch offline on the simplilearn app which is ideal if you are on the move or on a trip.

Available platforms

Simplilearn courses are 100% online and you can access them from a desktop, laptop or via the Simplilearn app with a smartphone or tablet (for Android and iOS).

The Simplilearn app has a 4.3 rating with Apple and a 4.4 rating with Android. Not the highest ratings.

Official certifications:

Simplilearn courses are accredited and the certificates are recognised by employers. It is accredited by world recognised bodies like PMI and Exin. The curriculum is developed by experienced experts.


Simplilearn offers 400+ courses which are focused on professionals to enhance their skills or to learn new ones.

Its courses focus on topics like Digital, Marketing, Project Management, Data Science and other emerging technologies.

Free courses

I am afraid Simplilearn doesn’t offer any free courses.

Content quality

Since Simplilearn’s content is produced alongside accreditation bodies and experienced instructors, its quality is very high.


Sadly, Simplilearn courses are currently only available in english and without subtitles. It’s courses are available in 176+ countries.


Every course on Simplilearn is taught by instructors with over 15-20 years experience in their particular field.

Course requirements

Some courses will require that its learners have prior knowledge or qualifications.

Simplilearn courses are normally between  4-6 weeks. Each course requires dedicated participation, video content, graded assignments, hands on projects, 24/7 learner assistance and support plus quizzes and some final exams. You’ll have to put in some work to pass the course.

Course structure

Every Simplilearn course is designed and updated regularly by 2,000+ renowned industry experts.

Its courses mix video content with instructor led, real projects and 24/7 teaching assistant and support.

Quizzes & tests

Most self-paced and blended learning have practice tests and some have final official exams.

Payments & refunds

You can make payments on Simplilearn with the following Credit and Debit Cards (Visa, Mastercard) and Paypal.

Simplilearn offers a 7 day money back guarantee, but if the participant has accessed more than 25% of the content or downloaded the e-book it won’t be refunded. If a request is made after the 7 days it will be declined too.

Note: All refunds will be processed within 10 working days after the refund request is approved.


Simplilearn offers a really great Help and Support system with numerous methods to contact its support team. It has the option of a live chat, a phone number to call and an option of a call back.

This high level of support is reflected in all its courses that offer 24×7 learner assistance and support.

Overall rating

Simplilearn offers a range of career focused courses. It is ideal for a working professional looking to enhance their career knowledge or someone wanting to pursue a career change. It is one of the more expensive platforms out there and requires real commitment.

Will Simplilearn Help Me With My Career?

Simplilearn courses are geared towards professionals who are looking to learn a new skill or qualification to help their career. The fact that it’s courses are accredited with globally recognised institutions (e.g. PMI and AXELOS) which you receive a certificate (employers tend to take these seriously) on completion it is an incentive for you to complete the course successfully. Your certificate can then be shared on Linkedin, Twitter or Facebook and added to your resume.

Simplilearn accredited certificate

Simplilearn accredited certificate

If you already have a full or part job, then studying with Simplilearn could be an ideal option for you. Due to the fact its courses are self-paced and the flexible learning hours will allow you to continue with other jobs or commits.

Is Simplilearn Legit?

Something which many of you ask when considering elearning communities is: Is this online learning platform legit?

You are not alone in having these doubts, especially if you are considering one of the more expensive blended learning courses (up to $3,000) that Simplilearn offers.

Simplilearn was founded in 2010 in Bengaluru, India by Krishna Kumar and has offices based in San Francisco, California and Bangalore India. It has helped well over 1 million professionals and companies across 150+ countries get trained, acquire certifications and (hopefully) upskill their employees.

More than 40 global training organizations have recognized Simplilearn as an official provider of certification training. It has been named as the 8th most influential education brand in the world by LinkedIn.

In short, Simplilearn is legit and it’s safe to use, you won’t be scammed.

Last Thoughts: Is Simplilearn Worth It?

Ok, so let’s summarise why Simplilearn is worth it.

If you want to further your professional knowledge for the purpose of your career, then Simplilearn is definitely the right elearning platform for you. Its training programs focus on business and technologies that are ever changing in our fast paced world. But be aware that its courses require commitment, but at the same time offer more teaching support than any other platform I have reviewed (maybe as good as Udacity).

On the other hand, if you are wanting to learn a new skill or hobby and not wanting to gain an accredited certification then platforms like Masterclass and Skillshare are probably a better fit for you.

You will love Simplilearn for its:

  • Accredited certificates
  • Top instructors and experts
  • 24/7 teaching support
  • Blended learning approach (e.g. different types of classes)
  • Engaging and varied learning content

Catherine Cooke

Hey. I am Catherine and I have been working as a freelancer for many years now. In 2005, I graduated from a BA honours in Art & Design from BCU and then went onto complete a Master’s Degree in Teaching from UEL. The skills I gained from learning and teaching have led me to create Upskillwise, a place for learners like myself to find the best possible resources and courses to train and upskill themselves, either personally or professionally. If you have a question, please feel free to ask me anything or leave me a comment.


edX offers over 2,650 online elearning courses that are partnered with established universities and companies. It offers both self-paced or instructor-paced learning programs. Probably a better alternative if you are looking for a more formal education.

Coursera offers over 3,900 courses, specializations, degrees and 100’s of free courses. It works closely with top universities and government agencies to facilitate its online courses and grant completion course certificates.

Udacity comes with a smaller number of courses around 200. Its courses are focused on gaining skills for careers in the tech and business industry. Although its programs (or as they call them Nanodegrees) aren’t accredited it is still highly recognized by industry experts.

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Banti Prasad
Banti Prasad
2 months ago

Very bad services they that 0 percent interest in loan but they charge interest in emi and they tell me it’s totally practical but not and I want to stop services

4 months ago

SimpliLearn is Worst does not provide any certificate ,I don’t know how they are ranking on trustpolit Be Aware ! don’t invest your money and precious time to this scam site.

Noa Adas
Noa Adas
5 months ago

This organization is an absolute scam. Be ware when they promise you incentives to signup. Once you do, they won’t fulfil their promises and give you the runaround. I signed up for their risk management learning course and referred a friend to do the same when they offered a $100 Amazon voucher. After going back and forth more than 10 emails and few phone calls. They simply told me oops sorry and gave me non sense excuses

Rita Amaral
Rita Amaral
6 months ago

Horrible service. I bought a course where they said it was self-learning, what was a lie. I had to watch live classes in order to count me as present, since recording sessions didn’t count. I only accepted doing that class with simplilearn because I work a lot and I can’t put business hours aside to watch a classes, even during the weekends. I tried to get my money back but they just ignored my request. Don’t buy anything from them, save yourself from a horrible customer service and false marketing.

6 months ago

Very bad experience from simplilearn. Maximum of fake information provided by them. They won’t mind you not even a single call. After payment my consultant blocked my phone number. Kindly think too much before joining the simplilearn

Heidel Trinidad
Heidel Trinidad
6 months ago

the support is extremely terrible. every single help requires a ticket which you have to wait for 2-4 days to get an answer via email and you can’t reply to the email. the chat support is usesless

Adeyemi Samuel Oliseyi
Adeyemi Samuel Oliseyi
8 months ago

Hello, how do I make changes to my name on my Simplilearn certificate

Kim H
Kim H
8 months ago

Simplilearn courses may help others. How we, the company operates dishonestly. BE EXTREMELY careful about signing up with this company. Thousands in the US have been cheated out of their money and their hope to gain skills that help them with their career. There is a Facebook page about how people got cheated on their moneys.

9 months ago

Hi I have read a lot from this blog thank you for sharing this information

9 months ago

This learning company is based in India. You are trying to contact them, and the calls are not taking because of the time difference btw USA and INDIA. I tried to contact the account manager and again, he and the rest of them are based in India. Their web page says “Contact us”. Showing the address in San Francisco. NO TRUE the office in the USA is in Dallas TX. My problem: This company is charging me a loan the I never signed any documents. I asked and spoke with a guy in INDIA and he confirmed to get me… Read more »

Akhil Ahuja
Akhil Ahuja
10 months ago

I wish there was an option to give 0 star rating. They have different prices for everyone, their support team never responds even after you make 1000 calls or emails, their sales team makes fake promises, they tell you will be taught by Overseas experts from big universities but some local faculty will be teaching you with hardly 2 years experience in the industry. I had worst experience with Simplilearn and will never recommend anyone. Save your pocket, it’s better to donate money to needy than invest here and buying a course worth 1 lac from them.

Kim H
Kim H
8 months ago
Reply to  Akhil Ahuja

I totally agree with you. GO SOMEWHERE ELSE. Don’t give your money to this company. I am on the same boat. Called so many times, no one responded. They have 10 days refund policy. Even people called within 10 days, someone how phone got disconnected, or say they will take care. Nothing happened. Then called again later. They said that they never received the request. Operating by lying and cheating. Please don’t promote this business as thousands have been victims to this company.

10 months ago

Simplilearn used to be a good platform maybe in the past, currently I registered for AWS, we’re promised 12 days class, online assistance and a platform to self practice. Unfortunately, virtual class only lasted for about 8 days with half of the time out of service, as if it wasn’t enough, no assistance from anybody even when I tried to chat to express my concern. There’s nobody to assist, but they keep deducting money in my account every month. It’s sad coz my planed was to do something to better myself, never thought of ending into a legalized fraud. I… Read more »

1 year ago

Simplilearn is the horrible education company I have ever come across. Once the money is paid you should think your money is gone. I do not recommend anyone. Think before you enroll. I have enrolled my family member and no training was given and no refund either. They don’t even respond to queries.

1 year ago

Simplilearn is a terrible training company. the course instructors are hard to understand and hard to follow due to the language barrier for English speaking students. The class times are scheduled to be convenient for Indian Standard Time not the USA. They only offered 1 class at 9:30pm until 1:30am on Fridays and Saturdays. The support staff is basically useless and only able to answer basic questions. Once they have your money they don’t care about anything else. Total waste of time and money.

1 year ago

I also had a lying, thieving experience from Simplilearn. I was pressured to pay, telling them I want to learn though may not have time at present. I was told I would have access to the course material forever, so if I missed some I could review later. Normal courses work this way, so I believed them. Not at Simplilearn however. In spite of paying all up front, while I was able to log in initially, I didn’t really have enough time, then had health issues. Once I got back to the course, I was told my login would not… Read more »

Su Lee
Su Lee
1 year ago

Very bad experience with Simplilearn. You have to be happy with their service otherwise you’ll lose your money and nobody cares about you. Never use their service again. 

1 year ago

Simplilearn program is horrible and I was lied too when I registered

Totally unacceptable

Sonu Sharma
Sonu Sharma
1 year ago

They took more than one month to activate my live classes which should have been done within 24 hours. They are so active to follow up till you have not paid the fee. but once you paid the fee they just throw you in the dust bin. there sales team is just selling the course and forget about you. the worst part is within seconds of joining I got an offer that I will get &250 if I refer any of my fnz means if I join 6 ppl I will get more than I paid as a fee. I… Read more »

1 year ago
Don't trust Simplilearn paid courses!!!
Be careful, I've registered for one of their course and it was awful.
learn absolutly nothing and when I asked for refund they said you could only apply for refund only for 7 days from registration however, the live classes start one months later and you had no chance to figure out how that course could be.
They're Scammer!
Mep B.
Mep B.
2 years ago

Very informative. Thank you.
Any chance of doing same review for Edureka & for Intellipaat?

Imran Zulfiqar
Imran Zulfiqar
2 years ago

A good review. I am planning to start digital marketing specialist course through Simplilearn.

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